We put innovation to work.

Within a school that spans multiple areas of study, the School of Leadership and Education Sciences is unified by its unique academic excellence. The school's exceptional ratings stem from a combination of incredible classroom discussion and real-world service and learning. Students dive in and start making an impact right away.

To deliver more than learning, we personalize our programs to suit students' key needs. We challenge them, support them and nurture their endeavors. We maintain defined academic standards while embracing diverse perspectives. We foster a strong campus community while exploring the world at large. We study the principles of leadership, then put them into practice. We learn about the needs of underserved and vulnerable populations, and then learn how to make a difference for the better.

To SOLES, that's learning: aiming for our highest good, as a program, as individuals, as citizens of a larger global community.

students listening in a class

Rankings reflect strengths.

SOLES has been named in the Top 100 Best Graduate Education programs by US News and World Report, as well as in the Top 50 Best Online Graduate Education Programs.


Academics mean something more to SOLES.

"The emphasis SOLES places on guided self-reflection has helped me understand who I am as a person, a student, and a professional. I wouldn't have had this chance for growth without SOLES," says David Horber, Masters Student in Higher Education Leadership.

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